Moto Theme V3 Full Walk-through

How to Download, Unzip and Install the Moto Theme 3.0

How to install the Moto Core Plugins after installing the Theme

How to install demo content

A Walk-through of All the General Settings of Moto Theme 3.0

A Walk-through of the Global Settings of Moto Theme 3.0

Theme Appearance Settings and Typography Options

Theme Color Option

Moto Options - Social API Options

Moto Options - Social Share Buttons

Moto Options - Contact Form Widget Settings

Moto Options - Adsence and Analytics

Moto Options - Video Single Page Settings

Moto Option - Single Page Website Settings

Moto Options - API Settings

How to create menu form scratch

How to add Page Templates

How to Create a Single Page Website

How to create a Portfolio

How to create Admin Playlist

How to Call Posts on Page

How to use Overwrite Theme Setting Options

How to add Slider Banners on page and post

How to create a Template of a Section or Column

How to create menu form scratch

How to use the Moto Media Editor

How to install the exPersona Plugin

How to use exPersona Triggers Option

How to Add Pop up with exPersona Plugin

How to add Questions & Answers and Edit the Robot settings of the exPersona Plugin